Reducing costs

Anyone wanting to reduce costs should seek technical support at an early stage. The optimisation of work processes will soon save many hours of work and therefore money. A significant reduction in costs can be achieved through the careful planning of functional bar and kitchen layouts, as well as improved customer guidance. Here, it is our experience in the careful selection of technology, furniture and accessories that makes all the difference.

Increasing turnover

Together we will work on new ideas for increasing turnover in the long term. For example, separate location concepts such as mobile alpine huts or rooftop bars can introduce a breath of fresh air into all types of events - from birthday celebrations and weddings, right through to corporate events. And to ensure that guests get a unique and authentic feeling, we of course pay great attention to creating a very special ambience through our choice of furniture, stylish lighting and detailed decoration.

Cost transparency

At behir interior+design our expertise includes being well acquainted with the challenges presented by construction projects and therefore also with the sensitive interfaces between the different trades. Transparency is the key to keeping a constant eye on costs. During the entire construction work, we regularly consult with the tradespeople involved with regard to the current construction status and discuss possible queries and unforeseen challenges. At the same time, we maintain a dialogue with you, to ensure that you always have an overview of the corresponding cost situation.

We ensure the complete transparency of the work and costs at all times. This is what inspires our customers and saves a great deal of time, trouble and above all money.


Identifying potential

Many customers miss opportunities as it is often difficult to maintain an objective view over many years. We gather our first impressions and identify potentials during a visit on-site. In a personal conversation, we get to know our customers, their wishes and ideas. Hidden potential can often be identified in the very first discussion, such as the possibility of using spaces and terraces to greater advantage and therefore offering guests an even more enjoyable stay - and of course enabling you to enjoy increased turnover.

Spaces must function

Spaces must not only meet the requirements of the emotional experience, but also the rational demands relating to efficiency and feasibility. Creating, staging and optimising these demands in their entirety is the task of behir interior+design. We identify new functional areas, devise new concepts for optimising use and create new designs. The ensuing results are not only quantifiable but also perceptible - the customer is happy to come back - and there is no better recognition than that.
Discover how we manage the gap between strategic implementation, aesthetic requirements and profits!

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